Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wednesday Recap

NC State-Duke
The Wolfpack played great at Duke, but had closing stretch similar to the one they had against North Carolina. That might be a problem for them down the road against good teams.

Clemson-Miami Fl.
These two teams are going in opposite directions and this game proved it. Clemson to the NIT and Miami Fl. To the Big Dance.

Georgia Tech-Wake Forest
Nice win for the Demon Deacons after three straight losses. Georgia Tech is a little short on wins right now, but have an easy schedule by ACC standards in their next 6 before playing NC State, at UNC, at Maryland, and Duke in an 11 day stretch.

Rutgers played well at the RAC again, but the team with superior talent won again.

Wisconsin-Ohio St.
Ohio St. had a great rebound victory after losing to Michigan St. in double overtime on Sunday.

Texas A&M-Kansas St.
The Aggies close to their first road win but lost again. Kansas St. has done enough to be in the field right now.

Tennessee gave Memphis a great test, but the Tigers were the better second-half team tonite.

Manhattan’s lose probably ends any slim at-large hopes that they had.

Wis. Milwaukee-Detroit
Chris Hill’s lay-up with two seconds left keeps the Panthers in line for a possible at-large, but they shouldn’t need it.

Colorado St.-UNLV
Colorado St.’s at-large hopes are quickly fading as they fall to 1-3 in conference play.

The Trojans were never in this one and the Pac-10 has only two sure things for March at a time when the Big Ten has 5 or 6.

LSU-Mississippi St.
LSU just keeps raking up the good wins.

South Carolina-Vandy
A bad loss for Vandy at home in overtime to one of the worst two teams in the SEC.

Alabama improves to 3-0 without Chuck Davis. Their wins have come at Auburn, at Kentucky, and Arkansas.

Nevada-Fresno St.
These Wolf Pack are having some serious WAC road woes and have to get them fixed or else they might be looking at the NIT.


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