Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wednesday Recap

NC State-Miami Fl.
Miami took NC State to double overtime, but couldn’t get the victory. They probably have to win two out of their next three against UNC, BC, and Duke to stay in the at-large discussion.

The Big Ten continues to prove that no one can win on the road. This time it was a hurting Indiana team getting crushed by an even worse-off Wisconsin team

Colorado-Texas A&M
The Buffalos have nothing close to a good victory and don’t pick one up here. For their part, the Aggies stay alive in the bubble talk.

Iowa St.-Kansas St.
The Wildcats also did their part to stay on the bubble.

Alabama gets another big win and this one comes against a fellow SEC bubble team. Right now Alabama is nearly in as Vandy is almost done.

The Razorbacks had their chance at a marquee win, but couldn’t close the deal. The same thing happened to them two weeks ago at Kentucky.

The Orangemen continue their descent onto the bubble as the Huskies continue to show that they are the best team in America.

Air Force-SDSU
The Air Force loss likely guarantees this to be a one bid conference unless SDSU runs the table to the conference championship game.

UTEP gave UAB a huge blow to their at-large chances and might get the Miners into the bubble talk.


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