Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Conference Tournament Picks, Part IV

Winner- UCLA
At-large- Washington St., Oregon, Arizona, USC, Stanford
NIT- Washington

The Bruins have had no problems winning at home this year and although the conference tournament isn’t in their gym, it’s still in Los Angeles where UCLA hasn’t lost this year. I think they will beat Washington St. in the finals.

Mt. West
Winner- UNLV
At-large- BYU, Air Force
NIT- San Diego St.

UNLV is playing really well right now. In addition they are also playing at home where they haven’t lost in conference play. They also have an easy road to the finals because Air Force and BYU are on the other side of the bracket. I expect them to play BYU in the finals since Air Force is struggling but the Cougars and Falcons are both good for at-large bids.

Winner- Nevada
At-large- Fresno St.
NIT- New Mexico St., Utah St.

Nevada has proven they will be in every game they play and I expect them to pull out the title on New Mexico St.’s floor. I think they will face Fresno St. in the finals since the Bulldogs ended the season on a 6 game winning streak including wins at NMSU and Utah St. I also think Fresno will get an at-large since this was a two-bid conference last year even though the conference didn’t deserve it and since this is virtually the same committee and the WAC has a similar conference RPI, the WAC will get an at-large bid.

Winner- Akron
NIT- Toledo

I’ve liked Akron all season so no reason to change to Kent St. or Toledo now. They beat Kent St. twice and only lost at Toledo by 3. I think they’ll make up that difference on a neutral floor. Plus the only three teams they lost to in the regular season are all on the other side of the bracket.

Winner- Delaware St.

Delaware St. was the best team in MEAC last year finishing four games ahead of Florida A&M but got upset in the conference tournament this year, it won’t happen again.


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