Thursday, March 03, 2011

Postseason Tournament Predictions II

Preseason Predicted Champ- George Mason
Regular Season Champ- George Mason
Predicted Postseason Champ- George Mason

George Mason hasn’t lost since early January when they dropped back to back games against Hofstra and Old Dominion who both finished tied for second. Since then, George Mason has won 15 straight including beating Hofstra and Old Dominion by double digits. George Mason is locked into the field thanks to a CAA regular season title while Old Dominion is likely in but needs to avoid a bad loss.

Preseason Predicted Champ- Wichita St.
Regular Season Champ- Missouri St.
Predicted Postseason Champ- Missouri St.

Missouri St. ended the MVC regular season on a six game winning streak including a win over Wichita St. to complete a season sweep of the Shockers. Both Missouri St. and Wichita St. could get at-large bids but the need to make the final and lose to the other to have a realistic shot. Missouri St. at this point has a slightly better resume than Wichita St.

Preseason Predicted Champ- Wofford
Regular Season Champ- Charleston, Wofford
Predicted Postseason Champ- Charleston

Charleston did lose their last two games but they were both away from home against teams that they wouldn’t face until the final and both teams are unlikely to get there. They have the Southern Conference player of the year on their team and also won at Tennessee by 13. The tournament is being played at Chattanooga but the Mocs lost 4 of 6 conference games to end the year including a 39 point loss to Wofford who will most likely be Charleston’s opponent in the final but is a team Charleston swept.

Preseason Predicted Champ- Iona
Regular Season Champ- Fairfield
Predicted Postseason Champ- Iona

Iona just wrapped up a season ending seven game winning streak with a win over conference champion Fairfield. The Gaels seem to have had their luck since a four game losing streak where three of their losses were by a possession. The fourth loss was by four points at Fairfield where the conference tournament is being played.

America East
Preseason Predicted Champ- Maine
Regular Season Champ- Vermont
Predicted Postseason Champ- Boston U

Vermont is the top seed but they got swept by Boston U including losing the regular season finale at home. The Terriers also ended the season on an eight game winning streak. Hartford is a potential sleeper with their first two games at home. They draw Maine in the first round who they swept and BU most likely in the second who they beat at home earlier in the year.

Preseason Predicted Champ- Central Connecticut St.
Regular Season Champ- Long Island
Predicted Postseason Champ- Long Island

Long Island has home court throughout the NEC tournament where they went 8-1 during the conference regular season. Their only loss was back in December by 1 to Robert Morris, the defending conference tournament winner. They wouldn’t potentially face RMU until the conference final with a bid on the line.


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