Monday, January 14, 2013

Bracket Update- 1/14

1 Seeds
Indiana (Big Ten)
Duke (ACC)
Louisville (Big East)

2 Seeds
Kansas (Big 12)
Florida (SEC)
Ohio St.

3 Seeds
Arizona (Pac-12)
UNLV (Mt. West)
Notre Dame
Creighton (MVC)

4 Seeds
NC State
Gonzaga (WCC)

5 Seeds
Memphis (C-USA)
Temple (A-10)
Michigan St.
San Diego St.

6 Seeds
Kansas St.

7 Seeds
Ole Miss
New Mexico

8 Seeds
Miami Fl.

9 Seeds

10 Seeds
St. Louis
St. Mary’s
Colorado St.

11 Seeds
Oklahoma St.
Wichita St.
North Carolina

12 Seeds
Arizona St.*
Ohio (MAC)
Loyola MD (MAAC)

13 Seeds
Davidson (Southern)
Valparaiso (Horizon)
Middle Tennessee St. (Sun Belt)
North Dakota St. (Summit)

14 Seeds
Bucknell (Patriot)
Belmont (OVC)
Delaware (CAA)
Long Beach St. (Big West)

15 Seeds
Princeton (Ivy)
Stephen F. Austin (Southland)
Denver (WAC)
Mercer (A-Sun)

16 Seeds
Vermont (Am East)
Montana (Big Sky)
Wagner (NEC)*
Savannah St. (MEAC)*
Charleston Southern (Big South)*
Prairie View A&M (SWAC)*

*- play-in game

Big East- 7
Big Ten- 7
A-10- 6
ACC- 5
Mt. West- 5
Big 12- 4
Pac-12- 4
SEC- 4
WCC- 3
MVC- 2

Play-in Games
UMass v Wyoming
Charlotte v Arizona St.
Wagner v Prairie View A&M
Savannah St. v Charleston Southern

Arizona St.
North Dakota St.

Murray St.
South Dakota St.

First Four Out
Boise St., Iowa, Oklahoma, Colorado

Also Considered
Iowa St., Florida St., Washington, Texas A&M, Virginia, Cal, La Salle, Vilanova, Tennessee


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