Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wednesday Recap

Maryland-Georgia Tech
The Terps showed they can win without Chris McCray as Georgia Tech falls into the NIT.

Seton Hall-NC State
A huge win for Seton Hall gets them in the bubble talk as they did what St. John’s accomplished last week.

Louisville finally got a decent win.

St. John’s-Uconn
Both teams played an old-school rock ‘em, sock ‘em Big East game, but Uconn prevailed as the tougher team tonite.

Sometimes when a team has your number, they got your number.

Bucknell went on the road and beat previously Patriot League unbeaten as Bucknell marches their way right into the big dance.

South Carolina-Florida
Losing away to Tennessee is nothing to be ashamed about this year, but to South Carolina at home, now that is cause for concern.

LSU just might be the best team in the SEC as Florida has been upset two games in a row.

Kansas-Texas A&M
The Jayhawks are young like North Carolina so you never know what you are going to get and tonite it was all good.

Michigan St.-Michigan
The Wolverines got their defining win and probably punched their dance ticket in the process.

If you looked at the rankings, you would have thought BC was the better team and didn’t need it as bad as the Tar Heels. The truth was that BC needed it more for their resume and they got the win.

After beating Cincy last Thursday the Musketeers looked like a near lock, but two games and two losses later they find themselves squarely on the bubble.

St. Joe’s-St. Louis
Neither of these teams will be dancing, but St. Louis continues its streak of alternating wins and losses.


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