Friday, February 10, 2006

Thursday Recap

Georgia Tech-Florida St.
The Seminoles furious run late in the second half keeps their tourney hoops alive. Beating UMass at home on Sunday is a must win.

Ohio St.-Michigan
This is only the third time this year a Big Ten elite has beaten another Big Ten elite on the road. This win is a little tainted though because Michigan was without their PG Dion Harris who left with 8 minutes to play.

George Mason-VCU
VCU hadn’t lost at home until the Patriots knocked them off at home. George Mason still has an at-large chance if they can’t get the automatic bid.

UCLA-Washington St.
The Bruins played Washington St.’s game better than the Cougars. Washington St. only scored 30 points for the whole game even tough Derrick Low returned albeit only playing 8 minutes. And this came 5 days after the Cougars had put up 77 against Washington.

The Wildcats somehow survived Oregon at home. A loss there and they would surely have been out of the bracket. Oregon St. shouldn’t be a problem, right?

West Virginia-Pitt
The Backyard Brawl nearly turned into one between Patrick Beilein and Carl Krasuer. It was a hotly contested game but West Virginia had no answer for Aaron Gray and Kevin Pittsnogle scored 0 points on 12 shots before fouling out with 7 minutes to play.

Cal picks up a huge win in their rivalry but more importantly for the bubble. The Golden Bears stay a game out of the conference lead and stay ahead of Stanford in the standings. A Cardinal win would likely have put them ahead of Cal on list of bubble teams.


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