Thursday, March 08, 2007

Conference Tournament Picks, Part VI

Winner- UNC
At-large- Maryland, Duke, Virginia, Virginia Tech, BC, Georgia Tech
NIT- Florida St., Clemson

Of all the teams that could win, North Carolina has the most to play for with a top seed on the line. They also have the adequate depth to stay fresh for three games in three days while other teams could be tired. I don’t see Clemson or Florida St. making a big enough run to get an at-large bid but Georgia Tech is pretty much safe unless they fall to WF.

Big 12
Winner- Kansas
At-large- Texas A&M, Texas, Texas Tech
NIT- OK St., Kansas St.

Kansas is another team that should be successful in a three games in three days format over teams that won’t have as much depth. Texas Tech might give them a challenge if they reach the semis but that would be the Red Raiders third game in as many days.

Big Ten
Winner- Ohio St.
At-large- Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan St., Illinois
NIT- Purdue, Michigan, Iowa

Ohio St. and Wisconsin are by far the two best teams in this conference. Wisconsin is in a mini-slump and to win the title would probably have to beat the three teams that beat them in the regular season (Michigan St., Indiana and Ohio St.). So the pick here is Ohio St. Indiana and Michigan St. are in pretty good shape right now while I like Illinois to win a few games to also get a bid.

Winner- Florida
At-large- Vandy, Tennessee, Kentucky
NIT- Ole Miss, Miss St., Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia

This year’s Florida team is playing a lot like last year’s squad. A quick start followed by a slump with everyone questioning the team’s ability. Well last year’s team won the SEC tournament and I like it to happen again. Facing Tennessee in the semis will be their toughest challenge but I like the Gators to prevail.

Winner- Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

TAMU-CC finally got a conference and proceeded to dominate going 14-2. The two teams they lost to (#2 seed Sam Houston St. and #7 seed Lamar) play each other in the first round and the winner wouldn’t face TAMU-CC until the finals if they reach it. The Islanders also won at Sam Houston by 17 to end the regular season so you have to like them for the rubber game.


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