Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Postseason Tournament Picks Part V

Big 12
Regular Season Champ- Kansas
Predicted Tournament Champ- Kansas

Kansas has the easiest road to the finals. They avoid their two toughest opponents Missouri and Oklahoma as well as the two hottest teams Oklahoma St. and Texas A&M. They will likely play one in the finals but it is better than playing three of those teams. Look for them to play and beat Oklahoma in the finals. Missouri has a bid locked up as does Texas but it would be wise for Texas to beat Colorado in round one. Oklahoma St. and Texas A&M are also looking pretty good for bids but they should also win their first round games.

Regular Season Champ- Xavier
Predicted Tournament Champ- Xavier

Really any of these teams can win the A-10 tourney. Dayton and Xavier lost four road games down the stretch and Rhode Island lost a must win game to UMass to end the regular season. Temple might be playing the best of the top 4 A-10 teams and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them repeat but Xavier won the regular season title so they are the pick. Dayton is pretty secure for a bid as well and if Rhode Island or Temple gets to the finals then they could get a bid as well.

Mt. West
Regular Season Champ- BYU
Predicted Tournament Champ- UNLV

The tournament is at UNLV so that gives them an edge even though they finished fifth in the Mt. West regular season. To ensure a bid they need to beat SDSU whom they lost to twice in the regular season. I think they’ll win the third game since the game between SDSU and UNLV that was at UNLV was only a two-point overtime game. They would then most likely play BYU whom they beat twice in the regular season. They would then most likely play New Mexico or Utah and they beat both of those teams at home. It will be a tough road for UNLV but one they could navigate. Utah and BYU are both looking good for at-large bids while SDSU and New Mexico need at least one win.

Big West
Regular Season Champ- CSU Northridge
Predicted Tournament Champ- Pacific

No one really ran away with the conference as there was just a four game difference between first and eighth. Northridge won the conference by a game over Long Beach St. and Pacific and Northridge and Long Beach St. get byes to the semis. Pacific is the pick though because they beat Northridge twice and Long Beach St. isn’t playing very well of late.

Regular Season Champ- Alabama St.
Predicted Tournament Champ- Alabama St.

All signs point to an Alabama St.-Jackson St. rubber match in the finals. Both finished the season well and were ahead of everyone else by several games in the conference standings. They played two close games in the regular season but Alabama St. was the regular season champ so they get the nod here. Any winner is likely headed to the play-in game.


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