Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday Recap

Bucknell-Northern Iowa
A lot of people said that Northern Iowa needed this game more, because their seed was being hurt by all their losses. However at least Northern Iowa would still be in the field, right now Bucknell’s profile looks a whole lot like Utah St.’s from a few years ago and that Utah St. team went to the NIT and they were in a better conference, the Big West. Well Northern Iowa won this game after Bucknell gave it away at the end of regulation and the first OT. Bucknell better win the Patriot League’s auto bid.

Iowa St.-Oklahoma
The Cyclones probably blew their final at-large chances. They had a marquee team beat but blew it by allowing Oklahoma to score 11 points in the final 72 seconds.

Colorado-Kansas St.
Just after the Buffalos were safely in the field, they go and lose to Kansas St. who is just barely staying on the end of the bubble.

Kentucky-South Carolina
The Wildcats have been up and down all year and now appear to be safely in again. The Wildcats also prevent South Carolina from getting back on the bubble.

Missouri St.-Wisconsin Milwaukee
The Bears pick up a huge win for their at-large hopes at Wis. Milwaukee. Right now the MVC has 5 teams solidly in the field.

The Razorbacks who have been all over the bubble this season might have finally moved into the field with a huge overtime win over the Gators.

The Mountaineers played a good game at home, but once they missed the open court lay-up, all the momentum went to the Huskies. The Huskies are still a one seed and West Virginia is probably still in the pod system.

The Crimson Tide pick up a huge scalp especially after losing at South Carolina earlier in the week. They are 7-3 since losing Chuck Davis and looking good for an at-large bid.

Virginia-Florida St.
The Seminoles get a nice win over a fellow ACC bubble team. The Cavs are short on wins and are now just .500 in ACC play.

Michigan-Michigan St.
Can any Big Ten team win on the road? Apparently Not.

Georgia Tech-Maryland
The Terps get a huge overtime win to stay on the bubble.

I must have been stupid to think a Big Ten team could have won on the road.

La Tech-Southern Illinois
The Salukis could have really used this win and might sit 5th on the MVC pecking order. Their season finale against Northern Iowa might make or break them.

George Mason-Wichita St.
Wichita St. has already locked up a bid, but this was a huge win for George Mason who might have also locked one up here.

Arizona St.-Cal
Cal blows what should be the easiest win in the Pac-10: Arizona St. at home. They still okay for a bid though.

Two Top 20 wins for Marquette this week likely seal their bid.

The Cardinals aren’t going dancing this year unless they somehow win at West Virginia and Uconn in the coming weeks.


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