Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Atlanta Region

For the most part this is a pretty boring region.

Duke over Southern

UNC-Wilmington over GW
The Seahawks are pretty much playing at home and couple that with a less than 100% Pops and GW looks like a team on the outs.

Syracuse over Texas A&M
The Orangemen are riding a hot streak after winning the Big East tournament. Texas A&M has really only beat Texas this year so this doesn't look like the 12 v 5 upset. Syracuse will also look to avenge their loss to Vermont last year.

LSU over Iona
Iona will definitely be in this game because Tyrus Thomas won't be at 100% and Iona is a pretty strong team on their own merit. LSU has enough pieces to get past Iona though.

West Virginia over S. Illinois
This game looks almost exactly like West Virginia's first round game against Creighton last year. West Virginia won that one and will win this one. Southern Illinois also lost to Monmouth and Alaska-Anchorage and wouldn't even be in the dance had they not won the Missouri Valley's automatic bid.

Iowa over Northwestern St.
Northwestern St. is a pretty good team and should keep it pretty close but Iowa is too good to lose this one.

Cal over NC State
The Wolfpack made a run last year but that was with a balding Julius Hodge. The balding is still there but Hodge is gone. The Wolfpack have also been on a serious slide. Cal has Leon Powe and a bunch of guards and that should be enough to win a game.

Texas over Penn
The Quakers don't have the size or bench to stay with the Longhorns for long.

Duke over Wilmington
The Seahawks will be motivated but Duke is just too good.

Syracuse over LSU
A true toss up. LSU has more talent but might be a year too young to make a serious run. Syracuse is older as they start 3 juniors and a senior and will advance for a chance to get killed by Duke.

West Virginia over Iowa
The Hawkeyes will fall to the Mountaineers press. The Hawkeyes don't score enough and their defense will fall to the West Virginia's 3-point shooting.

Texas over Cal
The Longhorns are too good to lose to Cal.

Duke over Syracuse
Gerry McNamara won't outshoot JJ Redick in this one.

West Virginia over Texas
The Mountaineers took Texas to the wire earlier this year and should have won. If they shoot will, they will win.

Duke over West Virginia
Shelden Williams will clean the glass as West Virginia is one of the worst rebounding teams in the country.


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