Thursday, March 16, 2006

Minneapolis Region

The final region

Villanova over Monmouth
At least Monmouth won a game.

Arizona over Wisconsin
A match up against two struggling teams. Arizona hasn’t lost to North Dakota St.

Nevada over Montana
I almost picked Montana here but I think Nevada will win a game and Montana is not a 12 seed.

BC over Pacific
Pacific just doesn’t have the size to win this one.

UW-Milwaukee over Oklahoma
The Panthers are flying under the radar and have everyone back from their Sweet 16 team except for Ed McCants. Oklahoma has the same team too except they lost to Utah in the second round.

Florida over South Alabama
South Alabama has a deep, veteran team but Florida is playing close to home and has a lot better talent. The Jaguars have only played one tournament team and lost by 18.

Northern Iowa over Georgetown
One Missouri Valley team will win and it will be Northern Iowa.

Ohio St. over Davidson
The Buckeyes in a breeze

Villanova over Arizona
The Wildcats will beat a bad Arizona team.

BC over Nevada
Nevada has Nick Fazekas but Boston College has Craig Smith and Jared Dudley.

Florida over UW-Milwaukee
The run of this great Panthers team comes to an end.

Ohio St. over Northern Iowa
The Buckeyes won’t lose in Dayton

Villanova over BC
Four guards beat two forwards any day.

Florida over Ohio State
Billy Ball continues its march to the Elite 8.

Florida over Villanova
Villanova could win this game but I just couldn’t put 3 one seeds in the Final Four.


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